MLC Community Garden
Last updated on May 13, 2022
Messiah Lutheran Church is delighted to announce our community garden is completed. Come and visit. Right now we have only 4 plots in use during the summer heat, however, we look forward to community participation. Come, pick a plot and grow some herbs, flowers, or vegetables for yourself, your family or to share. Enjoy Gary's butterfly garden or the roses in the center bed. You can even simply sit on the benches and watch the world go by while savoring a quiet moment.

There are 8 raised beds which can accomodate two 'farmers' or if you're really ambitious, you may perhaps wish to claim the whole rectangle. There are also several pallet beds for herbs or strawberries or whatever you choose to grow there. . Each plot is outfitted with a drip irrigation system that utilizes reclaimed water and runs on a solar powered timer. In addition, four rain barrels are available to hand water potted plants.

Contact the church at 321-636-0777 if you are interested in getting down and dirty and glorifying God and creation by growing something good.

We look forward to sharing our lovely outdoor space with you!