MLC Community Garden
Last updated on May 22, 2019
Messiah Lutheran Church is blessed to announce our community garden is almost completed. We are looking forward to you participating by growing herbs, flowers, and vegetables for yourself, family or to share. Please let the church know if you are interested in growing plants this summer, fall, or next spring growing seasons. There will be 16 (4' x 4.5') spaces for growing plants for each person or family. About 6 plants per space is recommended because there are 6 drip irrigation tubes per space, but it is up to you how many plants you grow each season.

Community Garden Status
Irrigation system has been tested and is working properly.
The rainwater overflow pipe installed.

What is left to complete the community garden is just a few tasks.

1. Connecting the 1/4" drip tubing to the 6 port manifolds irrigation system.
2. Pick up free "golden mulch" from Brevard County Waste Management.
3. Deliver and spread mulch between all the raised beds.
4. Install rain barrels with hose faucets.
5. Install 2 park benches.